Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Book: A Pirate of Her Own

A Pirate of Her Own A Pirate of Her Own by Kinley MacGregor

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A woman oppressed by the male dominated early Colonial times, we find Serenity James (a spinster and totally unmarriage-able at 25 - great ... where does that leave the rest of us?) in the office of her father's publishing house. She is a brilliant writer but her place is in the home not the work force.

After writing about The Sea Wolf, a privateer who frees enslaved Colonists from British ships, a stranger appears in the office. It takes no time for the reader to realize that he's attracted to her, even though (gasp) she's 25, unmarried, and wears conservative clothing. And clearly visa versa.

Somehow, she's taken aboard the ship by Jake, who is really one of Captain Drake's (aka the Sea Wolf's) friends. A woman on a ship full of men? Oh bad idea. So Drake stores her away in his own cabin ... which probably is like putting a lamb in the wolf's den and expecting him not to eat her ... literally.

As always, Kenyon/MacGreggor delves deeper into the character and their emotions than most romance novelists that I've read. She has a way to tell the story very nicely without being too cutsie pootsie. Well done.

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