Wednesday, August 6, 2008

BD: Bad writing or good fanfic?

I saw two movies in the last day: 300 and Gladiator.

It wasn’t a theme I was going with. Actually, the only reason I was watching them was because of Pat. He’s got this action movie addiction, I think.

One word: Homoeroticism. I thought that the spoof, Meet the Spartans, was better than this movie. And Xerxes? Really? Not a great character … and when I went on to look up who the actor was that played him, he looked nothing like Xerxes. So I have to give some credit to the makeup/costume people then!

2 of 5 stars.

I never saw this movie when it came out in the theatres because I was having trouble with my panic attacks inside the theatres at that point in time. I missed a lot of good movies releases because of it.

I had a boyfriend, Chris, during my freshman year of college (when this movie came out) who was OBSESSED with this movie. He said that before his school’s PAC 10 (he went to UCLA) crew race that they all went together and saw this movie. I didn’t understand why it would “jazz them up” and make them want to win the race. I mean all the people die. It’s insane. But, it must have worked because they won PAC 10 and got a gold medal and everything.

We didn’t last long after that …

Anyways … I didn’t find this to be a good movie at all. Great panoramas of the countryside in Spain, Italy and Germany but I didn’t like the acting, plot or characters.

3 of 5 stars

In the last few days, I bought two books from And we all know about my major obsession with reading. I’m up to about a book and a half a day; that’s including taking massive amounts of time to do things that aren’t reading. It’s sad when the ladies/men at the library know me by name and sight AND book choices.

Breaking Dawn
The much anticipated fourth book in the Twilight Saga. Much anticipated …not much liked (on my part at least).

It was either really good fanfiction (see: or really, really bad writing on Stephenie Meyer’s part. I’m not 100% sure.

It was disappointing that the author created such a real and vibrant world with such endearing characters only to have that all come crashing down in the last book. I mean really, she set up rules in her Twilight world for a reason and then went against them all. She specifically said that VAMPIRES CAN NOT HAVE BABIES. Bella gets pregnant, has a baby and then names it Reneesme … and calls it Nessie. Really? Like the loch Ness Monster? REALLY?

I can’t even recommend this book to people because I don’t ever plan on picking it up again to read it a second time.

The second book I bought was Acheron by Sherrilyn Kenyon. I haven’t had the time to read it because I’ve been writing and crap for the passed few days and reading two other books.

Moby – Dick
The other book I’m “reading” (i.e. listening to on CD while I go for walks with the dogs or putz around on my computer) is Moby – Dick.

I was loving the beginning where Herman Melville (the author for those not in the know) was discussing Nantucket and such. Really made me miss it. I haven’t been there for a number of years and now I know I’ll have to go before the fall comes! Maybe I’ll convince Sue to go with me or Pat, Michaeleen, and Aden.

Anyways, I’m “reading” this afternoon when the narrator starts discussing the sperm whale oil that they have on the boat. It’s hardened into little balls that float in the rest of the oil and they’ve got to liquidate them by squeezing them back into oil. He goes on and on about how lovely it is to squeeze the hardened oil balls. Then, he starts talking about how he once took a hardened oil ball behind the mast and bit into it. I almost lost my damn lunch it was narsty!

I’m on Chapter 137 right now … only 3.3 hours to go ... then I can start War and Peace. Whoo hoo!

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