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Book: Walk on the Wild Side (The Others #5)

Walk on the Wild Side (The Others, Book 5) Walk on the Wild Side by Christine Warren

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
Another terrific book in the continuing tale of the Others. Set almost a year after the coming out, Kitty Sugarman is in for a big surprise.

After a horrifying car accident, Kitty Sugarman (ironically named) shifts into a Leo, the lion form of a werewolf (aka a werelion). She's scared and needs answers. NOW.

Her mother finally admits to her that her father isn't dead like she had been told, and he lives in Las Vegas. So Kitty hops aboard a flight and heads west looking for the answers to why she turns into an animal that belongs on the plains of Africa when she is frightened.

What she finds there is a little more frightening, unexpected, and, not just a little, sexy.

Max Stuart. The baas, second in command to the Felix (head of the pride). He runs the casino that Kitty is to stay at. And oh, did he mention to her that her father just happens to own that casino? And he's dying of cancer.

Poor Kitty has to dodge romantic attention from Max, her insane step-family that is dogging for her to leave before her father dies, and an assissin who is trying to whipe her out without giving her a reason.

The reason I gave the book a 4 instead of a 5 was because I wanted Christine Warren to go into a little more depth with the emotions of the characters. They seemed a little too 2D instead of 3D.

It's like comparing these characters (almost formed lumps of clay) to Sherrilyn Kenyon or Kresley Cole's characters (beautiful vases). You don't "feeling" anything from them the way you do with Kenyon or Cole. The former two write and your heart breaks and soars along with their characters. Warren almost gets that right but just misses the mark.

And to top it all off ... the sex scenes were strange. First he's WAY too big for her (yeah don't all guys think that ... HA! - sorry that was mean). And second, there was shifted sex (i.e. they mated while in lion form) - I'm not saying that it's not the first "shifted" sex scene I've read but it was definitely the most explicit. Strange.

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