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Book: Ghost of a Chance (Karma Marx Series #1)

Ghost of a Chance (Karma Marx: Book 1) Ghost of a Chance by Kate Marsh

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Karma Marx is half-human, half-polter but 100 percent in control of the situation. After dealing with her philandering husband for just long enough, she makes a deal with him, Spider, to grant her a divorce. Her side of the bargain is that she has to help him clean (exorcise the ghosts and other paranormal beings from) his newest investment which is the most haunted house in all of the Olympic Pennisula.

But Karma is sick of banishing spirits to the otherside. She's begun taking them in and sheltering them. But if it means she can get rid of her husband, she's willing to take on the job.

Out of nowhere, Pixie shows up. The Otherside's equivalent of foster care needs Karma (and Spider - only because he "agreed" to help foster) to take care of the teenager.

With Pixie, Karma heads out to the house to do the cleaning. There she meets Adam, the resident polter and the other spirits that live in the house: Antonio and Jules (two spirits who we assume are together - once they refer to themselves as domestic partners) and Amanita (a unicorn).

After sometime fighting with Adam about who owns the house (Spider bought it out from under Adam in a very very shading deal), Spider and his business partner Meredith show up. Angered beyond belief, Adam seals the house (a kind of otherside lockdown).

After confessing that he, Spider, and his partner Meredith were the ones who raped and murdered Karma's fifteen year old cousin, Bethany, Spider is found in the basement ... dead.

Who killed him? Who is this woman Savanagh who seems to know more about the otherside beings than she lets on? And what part do Adam and Karma play in all this?

Slow at times but I might be willing to pick up a second book (if there is one) in this series.

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