Monday, September 1, 2008

Book: Born In Sin (MacAllister Series #3)

Born in Sin (Brotherhood/ MacAllister Series, Book #3) Born in Sin by Kinley MacGregor

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Another fantastic addition the Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor's MacAllister series.

Saved from the harsh life of slavery and killing he was sold into, Sin is the trusted advisor and sometimes friend of King Henry of England. Allowing no man nor family to claim him, Sin deals with his demons (and being called a demon as well as the devil himself and a baby eater) on a daily basis.

Much to his chagrin, Henry orders Sin to marry a woman who is the oldest daughter of the former (now dead) Laird of the clan MacNeeley. Sin wants nothing to do with her. He wants nothing to do with the homeland (Scotland) who shut her door to him. Sin hates ALL things Scottish.

Who is this red haired vixen? Caledonia. So Scottish, her name is the Gaelic word for Scotland.

What is a man like Sin to do? And what happens when he starts to fall for the little minx?

All around a good addition to the series. This book allows you to see all the brothers, their dead father, and Sin's step-mother (the rest of the boy's biological mother) in a different light.

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