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Book: Midnight Rishing (Midnight Breed Series #4)

Midnight Rising (Midnight Breed Series, Book #4) Midnight Rising by Lara Adrian

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Dangerous to himself and to those around him, Rio has decided to end it all by blowing some C4 in the hibernation chambers in the mountains of Romania. By some stroke of fate, that very day, Dylan Alexander, journalist with a tabloid rag, just happens to wander into his quasi-sancutary.

After returning the next day and snapping some photos, Rio has to hunt her down and destroy the evidence of the chamber. In the process, he discovers she's a Breedmate, one of the rare and highly revered women who can produce children from the coupling with a Breed male.

Returning to Boston with the Breedmate, Rio finds it difficult to accept his past (the disception of his wife Eva, who killed her self (Book #1)) and cope with the knowledge that his brothers in the Order, especially Niko, know he was planning to kill himself.

Behind it all, Dragos's son has the Ancient, who Dragos awoke from the slumber of the hibernation chamber, is breeding more Gen Ones while other Gen Ones are disappearing all over the world. The Order needs to find out what is going on and in a hurry if they are planning to save the others ... and themselves.

Rio needs help ... is Dylan the answer?

Lara Adrian does a better job in this novel than in her past works (such as Books #2 and/or #3) of setting up something compeling (something that won't let you put the book down). Maybe it's because I'm a sucker for the broken guy (aka Zarek from the Dark-Hunter series or Zsadist from the Blackdagger Brotherhood), but I liked this book much better than the first three.

Can't wait for Nikolai's story to come out!

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