Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Book: Killing Moon (Moon Series #1)

Killing Moon (Moon series, Book 1) Killing Moon by Rebecca York

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rating: 3 of 5 stars
Megan was only doing her job when her boss asked her to take her lab supplies and go out to a client's house to take some blood. She just thought she'd be there for a few minutes to collect his blood and then head back to the lab so she might do some research on the genotypes in his sample.

Was she ever wrong.

PI Ross Marshall is a werewolf. And he's really good at his job. He has single handedly taken down one serial killer/rapist and is working on the second. Only problem? When the police didn't believe his tips about the first killer, he took matters into his own hands ... or muzzle as it was.

When Megan walked into his house to find him naked and bleeding from an infected gunshot wound in his leg, his life changes forever. Her touch is electric and now he understands everything his father ever told him (all be it in The Big Bad Wolf's most vulgar language) about finding his mate.

Because after all, wolves mate for life.

Part detective story, part suspense thriller, all paranormal romance, this was a great start to this series.

A little vulgar for my taste (mostly when setting up the latest serial killer/rapist's mentality and what he did with women) but other than that it was good.

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