Friday, March 27, 2009

Book: Scions: Revelations (Scions Triology #3)

Scions: Revelation (Silhouette Nocturne) Scions: Revelation by Patrice Michelle

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Now that Landon has resumed his position as the Lupreda Alpha, with his female Alpha Kaitie by his side, what's a second to do? Caine Grennard has no idea.

To keep from turning zerker (half man/half werewolf for the rest of his life), Caine has removed himself from the Lupreda pact. And the prophecy shoves it's lovely head into another life.

Drawn out of her sheltered life, Emma Gray is forced to find her aunt when she is kidnapped. Can the man with the more than alluring scent help her? And if he can't, can anyone?

Life starts to throw Emma and Caine curve ball after curve ball as it often does. Emma is kidnapped ... twice. Caine rescues her only to have her find out he is a werewolf. She seems ok with that until ... she finds out she too ... is different.

Emma is a Velio. A were-jaguar that was made by the werewolves for something to "hunt" (just as the werewolves were made to hunt for sport by the vampires). Only Emma is one of two Velio that can shift at will and do not need an injectible drug to do so.

Will the prophecy ever be filled?

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