Friday, March 27, 2009

Book: Scions: Inssurection (Scions Trilogy #2)

Scions: Insurrection (Silhouette Nocturne)(Scions Trilogy, Book 2) Scions: Insurrection by Patrice Michelle

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Landon, forced out of his wolf pack, the Lupreda, because of a problem with his tracking senses. So, he can't smell as well as everyone else. Big deal.

Tormented since the night he mistakenly took the life of a police officer, Landon Rourke has watched over his one and only child, Kaitlyn McKinney. Watching her grow from a toddler into a beautiful young woman and then a stunning adult, Landon has protected Kaitie when ever he could.

But can he protect her from her biggest threat ... him.

As part of the prophecy, Landon finds himself drawn to Kaitlyn, who is a drawn to him. That is ... until she finds out who killed her father. Landon.

Who is in more danger, Landon or Kaitlyn as love takes over and pushes them both together time after time. And what else has fate in store for them?

Great second book in this series. More sensual than the first book without being "raunchy."

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