Friday, March 27, 2009

Book: A Highlander of Her Own (Daughters of the Glen Series #4)

A Highlander of Her Own A Highlander of Her Own by Melissa Mayhue

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rating: 4 of 5 stars
I waited a long time to get this book from the library and I was not disappointed.

As often happens to the poor women of the decedents of a Fae prince named Pol, Ellie Denton was just living her life until she was thrown around by magic conferred on her suddenly. Ellie is wisked away from present day Texas to 14th century Scotland.

She finds herself at the mercy of the MacAlister clan. The very same clan from all the other books. Here comes Caden MacAlister, the once jilted bethrothed of Alycie (now a nunon the island of Iona). Turns out there is treachery afoot and Caden wants nothing to do with Ellie.

Ellie wants nothing to do with him either. Well ... maybe not nothing. Maybe a little something. Something like love?

A great and heartfelt romance that travels into the emotional underbelly of Caden and Ellie's love. Not high on the "sex-scene" meter (2 total) but the writing more than makes up for the blatant sexuality.

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