Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Bewitched Viking (Viking I Series #4)

The Bewitched Viking (Includes: Wink & a Kiss , #1; Viking  I, #4) The Bewitched Viking by Sandra Hill

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Another great book by Sandra Hill.

Tykir just wants people to leave him alone so he can harvest amber and return to his home of Dragonstead in the Norse country.

Alinor just wants her idiot brothers to leave her alone so she can continue to raise the sheep that make her the finest wool in all of Northumbria.

But there is always a hitch. When Alinor "curses" a certain king's "manroot" to fall off and then said king gets a kink in his ... "manroot" ... well said King thinks that Alinor is a witch. He sends a messenger out to get Tykir and asks him to find the witch and bring her back to him.

Tykir doesn't want to ... but then the messenger lets poor Tykir know that the king is holding Adam (his adopted nephew) as a friendly hostage. What's a good Viking to do?

Go out and kidnap the witch that is ... problem? Alinor is NOT a witch.

Hilarity ensues.

A great read. Not as good as some of Hill others but this was an early novel in her series (Viking I). They all seem to get better in time.

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