Friday, March 27, 2009

Book: Scions: Resurrection (Scions Triology #1)

Scions: Resurrection (Silhouette Nocturne) Scions: Resurrection by Patrice Michelle

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More urban fantasy than paranormal romance with a touch of fantasy. Fantastic read and a great start to this series.

Banished from his vampire pack, The Sanguinas, Jachin Black has come to despise humans. After all, it was human who first created vampires as a military weapon. And then ... tried to exterminate them all when they realized that they weren't so easy to control.

At first, the vamps preyed on humans, some killing their food and some not. Vampire attacks were a common thing. Then ... slowly, human blood started to poison them. They were reduced to feeding from each other.

Ariel Swanson still remembers the night her mother, father, grandmother and grandfather were killed ... by vampires. And then in the ensuing sorrow, her brother commited suicide. How does she choose to deal with her issues? By writing a book about it.

Her book, as it turns out, is, almost word for word, the truth. What she thought was fiction turns out to be fact. And she knows the prophecy. The prophecy that Jachin recieved from an elder Sanguina on his death bed.

Is Ariel piece of the prophecy? Jachin sure thinks so. And he's going to do everything in his power to bring her into the Sanguina manor and give her to the leader of the pack. Anything ... for the prophecy.

But what happens when he starts to fall for her?

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