Wednesday, January 2, 2008

And so it begins ...

So ...

I've been technically unemployed for 2 months and 22 days.

My life is boring but enough about me ... recently my brother became unemployed also. Following in his big sister's footsteps, he decided that he was going to sign up to be a sub in town too.

Poor kids.

I love being a sub. I just wish it was steadier work ... or paid better. I might not have liked Tufts all that much but the pay was fantastic ... compared to what I am getting now ...

So, why start a blog about my boring existant as an Un-/Under- Employed Subsistute Teacher in a small town in Massachusetts. 'Cause! My life really isn't as boring as you would think.

Just today, I walked out into the kitchen to find my brother poking something in the microwave. I couldn't figure out what was going on ... now I wished I'd never asked.

Turns out he left the door to the microwave open when he went to the freezer in the basement and the cat climbed in. (Note: No cats (even slow and unintelligent cats) were hurt during the photography of these events). He saw the cat, Ruby, the minute he came into the kitchen and she started harassing him from inside the microwave (Note: the door was never closed on her in there and he never turned the microwave on - cause that would have resulted in baked cat for dinner).
Now, you need to keep in mind that Patrick and Ruby don't ... what we like to call ... get along ... so when he tried to remove her from said microwave, Ruby spazed. Hissing, spitting and cry ensued. Ruby got mad too ;) poor Pat. This is the point where he called me into the kitchen to help him. He threatened to turn the microwave on if I didn't get her out. (He really wanted his mac and cheese).

This is when Pat decided he was going to try to eat her for lunch since he hadn't started his mac and cheese yet. (Notice the plate and silverware.)

Ruby was pretty nonplused, to say the least but finally I was able to extricate her from the damn microwave.

Pat decided that he was going to eat her for lunch. Ruby had other ideas.

When she finally turned on her ... he threatened a good stabbing.

It should be noted that Ruby is ... how do I put this ... slow. She was the runt of her litter. She's got too many toes and not enough brains. She's got some kind of heart murmur that causes her to gasp for air when she and her sister, Chula, get fighting. She has one all ranging emotion (there is no happy ... there is fear ... there is no anger ... there is just emotion and it is all expressed the same way: hissing and snarling and spiting. So you truly never know when she is going to attack you and when she is just being nice.) Oh, and she hates men. All men. Especially, Pat.

Chula (left) and Ruby (right) ... they are Norwegian Forest Cats.

A picture of Ruby post - microwave incident to prove she's alright ... well as alright as Ruby can be!

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Milli said...

I happily take the blame for this little bit of funny.