Thursday, November 28, 2013

Million Dollar Wife by Margaret O'Neil

AuthorMargaret O’Neil           

Rating: M for Mature (discusses sex as an act but does not go into detail)

Bookshelves: kindle, free read, romance, Michigan, New York, Caribbean, nanny turned wife, wife by contract, movie star

Begun: 11.28.13
Finished: 11.28.13

Media Type: eBook (on Kindle)

Setting: Los Angeles, California (briefly); Michigan; Dominica; Manhattan, New York

Characters: Bryce Courtland, Heather Courtland, Hope Courtland, Marja Lundstrum, Anne Courtland, Sallie Courtland

Synopsis: Bryce Courtland is a Hollywood heartthrob with two twin, eight years old who need a new mom. Sallie died two years ago but Bryce still mourns her but it’s time to move on for the sake of the girls. After dating a string of Hollywood starlets, Bryce knows that he needs someone more down to earth. In walks Marja, his sister, Anne’s, college roommate. Marja is as straight laced as they come but there is something under that prim and proper business suit. Bryce lays it out for her, asking that they have a contract marriage for 10 years (and each of those 10 years she will be paid 1 million dollars). Marja says “no” because she knows that she will grow attached to the girls (and they her) and she won’t want to let them go after 10 years. She wants to have the option to adopt them after the first year. Bryce counters with an offer that after their first year, he would like it to be a true marriage with all the physical rights due him as a husband. Marja says “yes” … eventually. But she knows she can’t let herself get too involved in the marriage because in truth … she loves Bryce and has loved him ever since she met him (even while watching him marry his first wife, Sallie). But can this prim and proper scholarly woman get the hotter than sin, Hollywood hunk to love her back?

Review: great book. I plan on keeping this one in my Kindle (I’m a read-it-and-delete-it kind of girl). The characters could have used a little more development to make me want to invest myself in them but this wasn’t bad!

In my opinion, this book gets:

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Mary said...

O'Neil has a new one out -- Peter Jordan's Marriage-- which I think is just as good if not better.