Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Triple The Fun (Kings of California series)

This book was read as an Advance Reading Copy (ARC) provided for free by the publisher with the knowledge that I would provide an unbiased and honest review/feedback on the work.

AuthorMaureen Child

Publish Date: May 5, 2015

Rating: M (for Mature)

Bookshelves: California, multiple babies, dead parents, hidden baby/ies, alpha male

Begun: April 6, 2015
Finished: April 7, 2015

Media Type: Kindle

Setting: California

Characters: Connor King, Dina Cortez, Colton King, Sadie King, Sage King, Sam King, Jackie Francis (deceased), Elena Cortez (deceased)

Synopsis: Upon the death of her older sister, Elena, and her wife, Jackie, Dina Cortez became the proud auntie/mama of a set of triplets (Sadie (girl), Sam (boy), and Sage (boy)). She was under the impression that the triplets father was out of the picture because he wanted to be. After all, the couple had gotten pregnant via fertilization so they must have struck a bargain with Jackie’s best friend, Connor, when he donated the sperm right?

Wrong. Connor King had no idea that he was a father. And he doesn't discover this until Dina sues him for child support for the triplets. Connor hadn't spoken to Jackie in quiet a long time. The couple had asked him for a sperm donation but had told him after the first implantation that it hadn't worked. Then they disappeared. He can’t understand how they could have lied to him but now that he know about his babies, he will be a part of their lives. And if that means Dina will be a part of his … so be it.

Review: The plot of this novel was over used and not thought out well. It seems to be the send in a series of books about two twin brothers. The first brother (in the first book (Double The Trouble) - it has to be assumed) finds out that he has fathered twins with an estranged wife. Lo and behold, in the second book, the other twin has sired triplets that he doesn't know about.

I couldn't get into this book. I couldn't care any less for the female and male leads. It was terrible! It’s trite and boring and the characters were so flat and boring. I had no real emotions for them. I liked the cover art and I was really hoping to like the plot etc.

In my opinion, this book gets:

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