Monday, January 14, 2013

Hannah's Choice

AuthorSelena Kitt

Rating: X (for mature audiences – explicit sexual content)

Bookshelves: 2012, doctor’s exam, erotica, fiction, job interview, short story

Begun: October 12, 2012
Finished: October 12, 2012

Media Type: eBook (read on iBooks on iPhone 4)

Setting: doctor’s office – location undisclosed

Characters: Hannah McLean, Dr. Ralph Schultz

Synopsis: Hannah was given information about a new position opening at an undisclosed location by a headhunter. She was told the receptionist position would be paying $250,000 a year. And part of the interview included a doctor’s exam … a sexual exam …

Review: This short story was hot, hot, hot. Very well written and very explicit. I wanted to know more about the rich businessman that Hannah was interviewing for. It was kind of weird too at the end. She just walks out and decides not to finish the job interview/take the job. Why wouldn't Selena Kitt take the story to the next level and go through the story and flush it out. I’d love to know more about Hannah and the business man who had all these requirements for his receptionist.

In my opinion, this book gets:
Would read again

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