Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book: The Undead Next Door (Love At Stake #4)

The Undead Next Door (Love At Stake #4) The Undead Next Door by Kerrelyn Sparks

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Another great book by Kerrelyn Sparks. She reminds me of a combination between Sherrilyn Kenyon and Kresley Cole. Funny and heartfelt, Spark's books grab you and take you for a ride.

Hee-zair (Heather) has been dealt a lot of rough cards: an ex-husband from hell, a controlling mother, and an unfullfilling career as a teacher. But that all changes when she follows her childhood friend, Sasha, to a fashion boutique's grand openning.

Fashion in backwoods (or praire) Texas? Who knew right? Certainly Jean-Luc Echarpe, high-praised French fashion designer, and vampire, didn't. And who is the stunning mortal in his shopping ... STEALING HIS DESIGNS?

When Jean-Luc heads out to stop Heather from sketching designs (she was only fixing his designs so that she could wear them - she's not made of money and she won't fit into a size 2 anyways) he finds more than he could ever bargain for ... maybe the family he's always dreamed of.

That's when Lui returns, bent on revenge and fully equiped to kill anyone Jean-Luc holds dear. Will Jean-Luc ever rid the world of his old nemesis?

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