Saturday, April 11, 2009

Easter Egg Coloring

It being the day before Easter, I thought it would be ADORABLE if Ava and Aden came over to color eggs. So, I bought 2 dozen eggs (white ... I remembered this as I had bought the eggs and walked out to the car and went ... derrrrr ... can't color COLORED eggs dumb ass Britta ... I went back and traded). And I boiled them. This was also something I almost forgot to do.

Then I made 2 pizzas, 1 cheese and 1 all veggie ... by hand. OK Pat helped because the damn dough just didn't want to stretch! I hate pizza dough btw.

We ate and then the fun began.

I bought one of those PAAS kits ... those are alot more work then you think they are going to be! You have FAR too many options ... do you wants pastels or regular colors or vibrants (I settled for vibrant). And while Aden made pretty eggs ... I wrote bad words on the eggs and insinuated (in crayon form) that my brother couples with goats.

Aden loved his easter basket from me ... mostly because it was chocked full of candy and bubbles and crap like that. You know ... stuff that's messy and will make him hyper ... at home ... not here ... I'm evil like that.

Ava is adorable.

I got my hair done today. I'm officially part of the blonde brigade again as Brigdet and Courtney would say. Then I HAD to go and get a pedicure. I love pedicures but the lady yelled at me for not coming in enough ... I agree with her but my wallet does not. Alas ... there is no compromise.

This is a video of Ava "talking"

And now for some pictures ....

Dad Kissing Ava

Mom and Ava "talking" (poor Ava has to deal with Dale!)

Again Dad and Ava (you think she's a Granddad's girl????) and mom in the background
Ava with her Easter "Guinea Pig" on her head (which was already covered in slobber ... not the dogs - her own)
Michaleen and Aveleen

Me and Ava (this was seconds before she decided my hair would taste good and too an enormous fist full into her mouth and wouldn't let go!)

I call this ... Daddy ... put me down before I puke.

My mom and Ava and My dad and Aden

Dad mom and Ava

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