Saturday, April 25, 2009

Book: Down & Dirty (Vikings II series #7)

Down and Dirty (Viking Series II, #7) Down and Dirty by Sandra Hill

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WHOOO HOOO. Finally. My name.

You don't understand if you have a name like Susan or Katie or any other name that is common place. But my name is Britta.

I've never had magnets that I could buy or pencils with my name on it ... or key chains or cups ... my name isn't a "normal" name. Sure, I bought the Brittany magnet once and cut off the "ny" but that's not the same (althought this did make me happy at the time).

BRITTA Asadottir is a strong woman ... very very strong. And when she's pulled from her home in 1000 Norseland to 2000 California (on a Navy WEALS training course no less) she finds out what she's made of. Reaquiainting herself with Zack-hairy, the man who followed her around like a love sick puppy when the SEALs team was transported back to Norseland in Max's book, Britta wonders if all she will ever be is a warrior.

Holy hell. Could life get worse for Zachary "Pretty Boy" Floyd? His five year old son, who he stole from under a terrorist's nose in Afganistan, is running him ragged and now Britta ... BRITTA is here. And he's chasing her ... Zachary doesn't chase women ... they chase him. What is wrong with this picture?

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