Friday, October 28, 2011

Manhunting by Jennifer Crusie

Book: Manhunting

Author: Jennifer Crusie

Bookshelves: 2011, fiction, golf, Kentucky, romance

Begun: October 10, 2011

Finished: October 12, 2011

Media Type: Book on CD (downloaded to iPod touch) (library copy)

Setting: Kentucky, USA

Characters: Kate Svenson, Jake Templeton, Will Templeton

Review: Kate Svenson is a modern woman. She’s a powerful player in the financial world, having joined her father’s company after leaving a low paying job (which she loved and found fulfilling) bring businesses from just adequate to money making juggernauts. At her friend’s prompting, Kate decides to go to a resort in Kentucky, where she can find a new fiancée who meets all of her boring requirements.

After dumping three fiancées in three years, Kate needs love. Real love, she is hesitant but thinks it might be a good idea to at least star looking again. Because with her list of “must haves in a fiancée, Kate knows just what she wants.

Jake and Will Templeton run the resort in Kentucky. A former tax attorney, Jake knows success. Jake left that life behind to run the resort as a silent partner and as the head of grounds and maintenance on the golf course. Jake’s become the king of guy who watches the sunrise, fishes without a hook, and enjoys a good game of pool.

Trying to escape the pushy social director, Kate ends up taking an early morning boat ride out on the secluded lake with Jake. First, she sees him as a brother that she never had and, then, overtime, he becomes a very good friend and confidant.

All the while, Kate has been going on dates with successful and respected men that she meets at the resort. Each guy seems to be perfect and all of them fit the requirements on Kate’s list but none of them have the spark to keep Kate’s attention. And, fate seem to be thrown in her opinion too, causing Kate to injure all of them!!!

Slowly, her opinion of Jake changes but will she scare away Jake too or just maim him?

Jennifer Crusie’s first book is a great novel. A quick and entertaining read, Crusie’s writing is definitely not as polished as her later books but you can see all that raw Crusie talent in there!

Awards: none

Recommended by: no one

Recommend to: Crusie fans, Nora Roberts fans, romance novel fans

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