Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chasing Fire by Nora Roberts

Book: Chasing Fire

Author: Nora Roberts

Bookshelves: 2011, action, America, fiction, Montana, romance

Begun: October 8, 2011

Finished: October 10, 2011

Media Type: book on CD (copied onto iPod Touch) (library copy)

Setting: Missoula, Montana (USA)

Characters: Rowan Tripp, Gulliver (Gull) Curry, Lucas (Ironman) Tripp, Dolly

Review: The book opens six months after the death of Rowan’s jump partner, Jim. Jim was caught in the wind during a fire jump and was pulled into a forest fire that Jim and Rowan were flown into “jump” and fight.

Still haunted by nightmares, Rowan is uncertain that she will be able to handle the new fire season. New recruits and old vets come together in Montana to make up the “Zulies” who are elite firefighters who jump from plans into the middle of fires.

But, trouble stats when a former lover of Jim’s shows up asking for her job back as a cook on the line. Dolly, comes back to camp with a baby, who she claims is Jim’s, and a vendetta against Rowan, who she tells anyone who will listen that Rowan is a slut, was sleeping with Jim, and who she blames for Rowan’s death.

Gulliver (Gull) is a rookie jumper but is already known for his skills and prowess as a former Hot Shot in California and as the man who broke the base’s running record for speed. Gull is taken with Rowan (known as the Swede) with her ice princess beauty and jumper skills. As the daughter of Ironman (a base legend), Rowan is a tough cookie.

Gull gets through the tough exterior and into the Rowan that Rowan is hiding.

Attacks around the base begin with Rowan walking in on Dolly splashing pig’s blood on her bed, clothes, and walls. Then, Dolly disappears and her body is found in the woods, burned after a forest fire is extinguished. A second body in the woods and a sharp shooter trying to take down Gull and Rowan on base are just icing on the cake.

A killer is on the loose at the height of the dangerous summer months where fire rages in the forrest and in the bedroom. Who will get burned?

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