Monday, August 8, 2011

Hot Number (Hot Zone series #2) by Carly Phillips

Book: Hot Number (Hot Zone series #2)

Author: Carly Phillips

Bookshelves: 2011, baseball, contemporary, fiction, Miami, New York, romance,

Begun: July 30, 2011

Finished: August 2, 2011

Media Type: paperback (library copy)

Setting: present day New York and Miami

Characters: Michelle “Micki” Jordan, Damian Fuller, Yank Morgan, Lola, Annabelle Jordan, Sophia Jordan

Review: Micki Jordan has always felt more at home in the locker room of a major league sports team with her uncle, Yank Morgan, than with her sisters in front of the makeup mirror. All grown up, the youngest of the three Jordan orphans (whose Uncle Yank raised them when their parents were killed in an accident), Micki wants to shed her tomboy ways … for the right guy.

Since a drunken New Years Eve kiss with the uber-hot New York Renegades outfielder, Damian Fuller (he was drunk … not Micki), she’s hopped her remembered her. But … alas … he ignores her at every chance and oogles the busty blonde TV sports show anchors while his trusty publicist, Micki, is forgotten at his side.

Except, that’s not how it really is. Damien can’t help but remember his kiss with the innocent and perfect Micki but he “knows” he’s not the right guy for her. He’s still too wrapped up in his own career (or the possible lack thereof). But after saving her from a younger upstart team mate who spikes her “ice tea” (ordering two Long Island Ice Teas in place of the regular ice teas Micki had ordered at the bar) and pulling her out of a strip joint, where she had just decided to do an impromptu drunken strip tease, Damian’s rethinking his options.

Micki and Damian have to decide whether it’s worth all the misery of the crap life throws at them to be together.

Good read. Much better than Carly Phillips usually pops out with. Maybe it’s the baseball lover in me but I totally bought the entire plot (especially the baseball stuff). Even though this is the second in the series (yeah I skipped over the first because I didn’t realize it until I was ½ way into this book and by then it was too late for me to stop and get the 1st book to read), there is no loss (as in, you can pick up the book and just read … no biggie). Look for my coming review on Hot Item (Sophie’s book - #3), and Annabelle’s book (can’t remember what it’s called sorry ;) )

Awards: none

Recommended by: no one (found the book on the shelf at the library when looking for new stuff to read!)

Recommend to: chick lit fans, sports fans, romance fans

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