Sunday, April 17, 2011

Happy Ever After (Bride Quartet #4)

Happy Ever After (Bride Quartet, #4)Happy Ever After by Nora Roberts

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Happy Ever After is Nora Roberts's fourth book in the Bride Quartet. It ties the remaining pieces of the quartet together (which also included Vision in White, Bed of Roses, and Savor the Moment).

Parker Brown, of the Connecticut Browns, has always known her place in life. She's the brains. She's the planner. She's the do-er. Many people would call her a robot. She knows she's just efficient.

Then in walks Malcolm Kavanaugh. Green eyes and black hair, Mal is laid back and enjoys to go with the flow, when he's not jumping off buildings in a single bound. The former stunt man owns his own auto shop now and is beginning to set down roots.

When the two personalities collide sparks fly (and a little bit of fur). But what happens when Parker let's her walls down and Mal into her heart? Can the practical learn to be emotional?

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