Sunday, May 10, 2009

Frankly, My Dear ... (Creole Historical series #1)

Frankly, My Dear (Creole Historical, #1) (Timeswept) Frankly, My Dear by Sandra Hill

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One of Sandra Hill's better novels (not that any of them are terrible ... this one just stands out).

Selene is starving. Literally. She's a model. One of America's most beautiful people and she hates her life. Capivated by Gone With The Wind since she was little, she's spent her life looking for her Rhett. Then at one photo shoot, she passes out only to awaken in Louisiana ... in the 1830s.

Mistaken for a light skinned slave, Selena finds her hero in James and his unconventional life. Who needs who more? A former model who can't stop eating? Or the dour sugar plantation owner who would rather free his slaves than deal with his screwed up family?

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