Sunday, May 10, 2009

Book: Love Potion (Cajun series #1)

The Love Potion (Cajun, #1) The Love Potion by Sandra Hill

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rating: 3 of 5 stars
Not one of Sandra Hill's best, but The Love Potion was a decent read. I felt for the characters and want to empathize with them.

The Cajun bad boy and the Creole beauty have always been at odds with one another. Since the day that Luc asked the overly shy Sylvie to dance when they were twelve and she turned him down, he's been in love with her.

Now 33, Sylvie is a brillant chemist with a bright future. She's developing the next big drug, bigger than Viagra. A love potion in jelly bean form.

Luc is the "Swamp Solicitor" known for representing poorer people. One day, Luc comes to Sylvie looking for help. The local Oil company is polluting the bayou and killing shrimp and crawfish, the life blood of the local economy.

What happens when Luc mistakenly eats a Jelly Bean that he finds in Sylvie's work spac?

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