Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Brian's wedding ...

My cousin, Brian O'Connell, and Marcy Mugg got married on Saturday July 12, 2008. I've had issues with both my camera and my computer (it wouldn't let me upload anything!).

My cousin Brian (left) looked kind of nervous.

I really expected that Denny (right) and him would be joking while waiting for the ceremony to start.

The location was beautiful. The Log Cabin in Holyoke, MA. It was overlooking Mount Tom. (This is the point in time when my friend Tom would say "if you insist!")

The ceremony site was fantastic. It was simple and gorgeous.

My cousins, Bridget (left) and Lizzie (below right) were two of Marcy's bridesmaid.

Her colors were a dark green (almost black), light green and pink.

They had a bagpiper who played Lord of the Dance as Marcy walked down the aisle. It was beautiful. Very magical and childlike. Both adjectives I would easily use when speaking of Marcy and Brian. They will forever be like children to me. (I in no way mean this in a derogatory term. I think it's beautiful and special to have that magical glimpse of a relationship like that).

After the ceremony, we had appetizers and drinks on the patio over looking Mount Tom on one side and the whole of Holyoke on the other.

After the sun started going down, it was all illuminated and beautiful in blueish light.

Lizzie and Denny walking around our table as dinner began.

Bridget and Billy, her boyfriend of a long time. She's studying to be a vet and is very smart. When she's got her degree, I know I'll be her first customer.

Lilly, Lizzie's daughter, was fascinated by the lemon sorbet we got between the first courses and the main.

The cake was pretty. There was blindingly white scroll work across it and green ribbon around it.

It tasted of nuts (I couldn't tell you if they were hazelnut or almond) and some liquer. Very sweet but very good.

Ah, Uncle Bart doing the chicken dance. Is there anything better?

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