Saturday, March 19, 2011

Quick Review: Two Little Miracles

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Two Little Miracles by Caroline Anderson is a typical Harlequin Romance. The husband is overbearing and all he wants to do is work (granted in Caroline Anderson's book Max does work with his wife, Julia (she's his PA) but still all he does is work). We are kind of thrown into the story when Julia is insisting that Max stop being the work-a-holic he apparently is and start being a husband. She wants to relax more and not worry about which port of call they will be jetting away to so that this or that business deal won't fall through.

Then the books skips ahead ... a most a year. Julia has moved out to the country while Max stayed in London (England). ANNNNDDDD ... she's had twins ... Max's babies. Max hires a PI to find Julia (he's convinced she is dead and is griefstricken over it) and the PI hands him a picture of Ava and Libby with Julia (the girls look JUST like him at that age so he knows they are his).

He attempts to reconcile with Julia but she knows he'll just be back to his old ways ... blah-ditty-blah-da-blah. It's the same story over and over again ... misunderstandings here ... she says the wrong thing and regrets it ... they make up ... they have sex ... he does something wrong. She kicks him out.

Ultimately there is a happy ending but I think I am getting sick of reading this story line over and over again!

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